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CV in English

RADICS JUDIT M.D. Psychiatrist and psychoterapeutist

EDUCATION Szeged Medical University, Szeged, Hungary, ”Summa cum laude” 1981-1987

CERTIFICATION Licensed psychiatrist in Hungary, 1994-present

Licensed Psychoterapeutist in Hungary, 1997-present


Aladar Petz County Teaching Hospital, Győr, Hungary, 1987-present

Department of Psychiatry/General Psychiatric Ward, 1987-2006

Head of Psychiatric, Addictologic and Insomnia Ambulancy, 2006-present

Private Psychiartic Praxis, Győr, Hungary, 1996-present


Accesses, diagnoses, and treats patients at high-volume psychiatric office, 1997-present

Holds the position of Investigator or Principal Investigator in numerous II. and III. phased psychopharmacological studies, 1995-present • Depression and Anxiety Disorders • Dementia • Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder • Tardiv Dyskinesia

TEACHING EXPERIENCE University lecturer in the fields of psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, 1999-present

PUBLICATIONS Regular publications in scientific newspapers, 1994-present Author of the ”Alváskönyv” (Book of Sleep), 2000

MEMBERSHIPS AND ASSOCIATIONS Board Member of the Hungarian Psychiatric Assotiation